Vietnam, Jan 2015: Phu Quoc

After spending a couple of days in the chilly mountains of Sapa, we arrived at Phu Quoc – an island situated in the south of Vietnam.

Phu Quoc seems to be a usual resort island with a lot of sand, sea, fruit, nice weather and massage on the beach. However, it is different, too: there’s still not that many tourists there although the big brand-new airport is definitely looking into a brighter future. Rumour has it that the island will soon become a major touristic spot with hotels, cafes, restaurants and whatnot. We were staying in a bungalow-style hotel right next to the beach. Surrounded by the trees, the bungalows were a perfect place to stay if you were looking for some comfort and peace.


What surprised me in Vietnam is that instead of selling corn, pastries and beer that they sell in the Russian beaches, here you could buy a fresh mango, papaya or a dragon fruit from a beach vendor.

Beach vendor

Speaking of the beaches, they are marvelous. The finest sand that resembles flour when you step on it is so white that is hurts your eyes. The most famous and popular beach of Phu Quoc called Sao Beach attracts tourists from the whole island. However, don’t expect too much of it.

Speaking of the beaches, they are marvelous. We, too, rented a scooter and went to see the famous Sao.


Riding the scooter was fun. Visiting the famous Sao – not to much fun, and here’s why. We arrived at the beach expecting it to be all nice and touristy and clean. It was everything but the last part: what we saw was paper, plastic bags, bottles and God knows what else lying around on the whitest sand and making my heart break. I suppose it might be due to the current bringing garbage on the seashore that the beach looks so dirty and filthy. Which is deplorable because otherwise it would be a lovely place to stay. Hopefully if this island turns into a major tourist destination, things will change.

The other must-do while on Phu Quoc is visiting its night market. The small city of Duong Dong – the capital of the island – lives off fishery, and you can get the freshest and tastiest sea food here at the market. Shrimp, lobsters, fish, mussels, oysters and whatnot. I didn’t even know the names of all those creatures that were ready to be eaten.


Sea food

More sea food

Once you’ve finished eating some great food for dinner, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset right on the dock in Duong Dong. After all, no beach trip goes without a picture of a sunset.



Did I like Phu Quoc? Definitely. However, despite the tranquility and calmness with which this island lures its visitors, I would definitely recommend visiting other parts of Vietnam, too, especially since there’s so much to see, eat and enjoy.