I have been working as a marketing manager in IT for over 6 years now. During this time, I have worn many marketing hats but my greatest passion is content marketing. I love building content strategy and finding new opportunities for the business to thrive with the help of content. Besides, helping customers to understand how a product works and solve their pain points is what brings me most joy.

I enjoy creating content of various kinds, from long-reads to videos. Here are some of my work samples that I am most proud of.

Joint webinar with StreamYard

In this product webinar, I spoke about how to create countdown timers using Wave.video, an online video making tool.

Talking head videos for Wave.video

During my time with Wave.video, we launched a new initiative – creating how-to talking head videos about all things video marketing. The project turned out to be very successful: some of the videos got over 100K views. This worked toward a better brand recognition, SEO, and general PR.

Watch the full list on YouTube

Long-reads on the Wave.video blog

As the Director of Content Marketing, I not only had a chance to shape the content marketing strategy for Wave.video but also contribute to the company blog. I wrote on a variety of topics, related to general marketing as well as product-specific pieces. Here are some of the articles that I like the most.

Please find the full list of articles on my author’s page.

Guest posts on external blogs and publications

During my time with Wave.video, I had a chance to contribute content to some of the industry-leading publications and blogs. Here are some examples.

Knowledge Base Articles

One of the things that bring me the most joy is helping others with their problems. Luckily, as a content marketer, I had a chance to use the power of content to do just that. At Wave.video, I took on the production of product-related content (Knowledge Base articles and tutorials). Basically, I launched the whole Knowledge Base project from scratch, as we didn’t use to have any support materials before that.
Here are some examples:

NB: since I left the company, all the content that I created was reassigned to another person.